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'An east coast resident stays put' (from Search Party) published in the Guardian's review section


​Reviews of Misadventure

'There was something in Richard Meier's turn of mind, the precision of his ear, the quiet strangeness of his imagery, the tenderness and clarity of his address, that made us want to read his poems again and again. And each time we returned to them there was more to discover, more to be moved by'.

Don Paterson, on judging the Picador Poetry Prize


'This is one of those rare books that will cheer without patronising, and show you how to speak past grief and silence while still holding all that grief and all that silence'.

David Morley, Poetry Review


'Meier has a musical ear, and a command of pause and shape that is at once informal and precise. We shall hear much of him.'

Elaine Feinstein in The Times

'Richard Meier's brilliant first collection displays a fine sense of humour. The title poem, featuring a man enamoured with a high-pressure patio cleaner who turns it on himself, shoots from the comic to the tragic. "Unlard" is a beautiful word for an ugly process.'

Mark Sanderson in the Sunday Telegraph

'Misadventure is, plain and simple, a debut collection of the highest standard'.

Stride Magazine​

'Misadventure is life's lessons in verse. It's quietly charming, unassuming and, in places, moving. 'Building Matilda' in particular, is simply beautiful. Meier's words almost whisper the joy, the heartbreak, the sorrows, the regret, the wonder of hindsight. It's a gentle read that is overwhelming at times, like waves breaking gently on shore, yet the power further out at sea has been building and a bigger wave occurs, knocking your feet from under you. It's a wonderful debut collection and thoroughly recommended'.

Book A Poet


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